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We love whole grains! We have found that we prefer their flavor. They are also far healthier than the refined foods which characterize the typical modern diet.

Switching to whole grains helps maintain a low glycemic diet. That means you will have more sustainable energy levels throughout the day, and probably fewer problems with weight control.

We created this website with one goal: to build an online community of like-minded people who either share our enthusiasm about whole grains or just want to learn more about them.


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21. Pumpkin Pecan Bread
Love this recipe! I admit it was a little bland the first time I made it, but I added 2 tsp of homemade pumpkin pie spice, milk chocolate chips, and a mixture of whole wheat and graham flour (which I just …
… milk until the batter was wet enough. Well the batter was addictive to say the least and the cookies perfect. Crunchie on the outside, soft in the middle with a great peanut flavour and not too sweet at …
… milk). My ingredients yielded a very dry batter. I added @ 2tbs safflower oil (dribbled a bit at a time). Still dry, I added a bit of apple butter along w/some shredded coconut (just for fun). Came out …
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